Steven Freedman Photography | About

Steven Freedman is a professional photographer based in Asheville, NC.  He specializes in landscape, portrait and event photography.  What started as a love for photography has blossomed into a thriving business.  One can often find Steven on the Blue Ridge Parkway capturing the beauty of the landscapes in which he lives.  His passion for the mountains is brought to life in each of his images.  

Steven is an accomplished portrait photographer.  He has the unique ability to capture the essence and personality of his subjects. 

Steven has said, "Whether I am photographing  landscapes or people I don't simply take pictures, I try to capture images and moments that will move the viewer's soul.  I love Asheville and  the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I feel it is my calling to share its beauty through my photography."

Steven can be reached at or 828-778-9772.